Why Donate?

I know many of you who are looking at our page may be wondering why you should donate to “just another political group”. The reasons are many, and very important.

Our country faces a crisis unlike any in its past, recent or otherwise. Our economy is in a shambles, despite the constant trumpeting that things are “getting better”. Our military is spread out –and strung out– in nations many of us have never heard of trying to “spread democracy” in countries that want nothing to do with us.

Our currency is at it”s weakest in a very long time, indeed, it loses value almost every day. Our politicians take more and more of our income, and still spend so far beyond our means that our children will be burdened with this debt for their entire lifetimes.

The recent revelations about the NSA’s spying program, the IRS targeting groups opposed to government spending and waste, and the building of a massive information gathering/storing facility in Utah –with our tax dollars– has shown us that not only can our current government not be trusted, but it is completely out of control of the electorate.

Many within government have shown themselves to be contemptible of the wishes of the people, many others have shown themselves to be so incompetent, that on issues that truly matter, they are in fact the last people we would want to hold any form of power, or decide these crucial issues.

Then, how do we change things? How do we restore our beloved republic? By voting for principle over party. By electing those that will stand against the lobbyists and the billions of dollars they use to influence the government and media. But voices of liberty are kept from the mainstream media, and we are not given the same access to television and the news that the two big parties are.

So we need YOU. Your donation makes a huge difference. Every dollar goes toward education, toward getting the voices of liberty on TV, on radio, on the internet, to let people know that it doesn’t have to be this way. That we CAN have smaller government, more freedom, and a balanced budget, without condemning innocents to poverty and deprivation, by destroying our money and our freedoms.

Can you help us? WILL you help us? Please donate something, anything you can. But also get involved. Talk to us. Attend events in your community and state with us. Help our endorsed candidates. Join us in stopping the madness, and letting our children have the freedom and opportunities that we had when WE were children.

It’s up to you. No one can force you, and because we are Libertarians, we don’t believe in forcing people to do things. But isn’t America worth it? Isn’t the Constitution worth it? Isn’t your liberty worth it?

With an estimated population of 7,686,912 people, if every Long Islander gave even a dollar, that’s a lot of Liberty!


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