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Liberty is Local The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party in the United States, and the Suffolk County Libertarian Party (SCLP) is growing with it. With the disillusionment of so many at the actions of their so-called parties, actions which more often than not violate the very tenets that these parties supposedly stood for, individuals who once thought themselves Republicans or Democrats – Conservatives or Liberals, have turned to the LP is as the last bastion to protect and preserve Constitutional Liberties. For most of them, it is important to find a group of people with the ideals and values of those who founded our country and created a set of laws embodied in the Constitution that has made it great.

The Libertarian Party is dedicated to upholding the Constitution, and making sure that the laws are used equally upon all who call these shores home. But as we have seen in recent decades, politicians and political groups have made it their goal to circumvent the Constitution, while creating rules so that the rest of us are held under unfair restrictions, some even forced to suffer greater forms of punishment than are called for for the “crimes” they have committed. The Libertarian Party is against this form of “justice” (or “just us” as one man so rightly claims) and vows to not only stand against injustice, but to change or abolish unfair laws. The only way to change the “system”, however, is first to get inside the system. That is why the SCLP is committing itself to a program we have named “Liberty Is Local 2014”, because it is on the Local level where many of these problems can and must begin to be solved (or at the very least blocked).

Many know about the problems occurring in our State and Federal governments, but fail to realize that their Local governments not only face the same issues, but that these governments — right in their own back yards — are not only the easiest to alter, but often the most important as these governments can force real change “up the ladder” to County, State & even Federal levels of government. State governments can refuse to follow Federal laws (Nullification), as has happened with Colorado and Washington state decriminalizing the use of recreational marijuana, or counties and sheriffs refusing to enforce Federal and State gun restrictions. Nullification is the most powerful tool to accomplish this, and it is now time for the Libertarian Party to reclaim what was rightfully ours: our nation, our freedom and our liberty. Only through individual political action can these things be changed, and it is only through individuals that The Libertarian Party can be the motivating force for these changes.

The Suffolk County Libertarian Party is taking the initiative by putting ourselves behind several carefully selected candidates that we are certain hold true to the values that we endorse and are actively working to see returned to our beloved nation.

Are you ready to help us?

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