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The Veteran Difference

Look around your neighborhood. See the lady walking her dog? The guy mowing his lawn down the block? They look just like everyone else, don’t they? Unless you have met them, or seen them in their uniform on a holiday … Continue reading

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Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th!

The polls are open Tuesday, 6AM Sharpe to 9PM Sharpe! You can vote for Larry Sharpe if you are a Republican. You can vote for Larry Sharpe if you are a Democrat. You can vote for Larry Sharpe if you … Continue reading

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Governor Candidate Larry Sharpe On TV!

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Freedom Is Never Free….

Those that believe in Liberty know the price that may have to be paid. But it’s worth it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izSz9_DHXkc http://mikerowe.com/2016/07/twihi-holidayedition/

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Memorial Day

Take a few minutes today to pull out your copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and read through them. If you don’t have a copy handy, go online and look them up. It doesn’t take long. Every service … Continue reading

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