Obeying The Constitution

Obeying The Constitution


A person living in the United States of America might think that obeying the Constitution that was set down so long ago would be a given. Sadly, we are discovering day by day that the guarantees enumerated in that document are being eroded by corrupt politicians, ignored by partisan judges, and even the meaning of the Amendments distorted and twisted so that those in power can continue their power games, without limit or resistance from the peoples they are in office to serve.

The Constitution is a piece of paper. It cannot defend itself. It is up to the citizens of these United States to come to it’s defense. The Constitution is an idea, shared by every person, and it is the structure of how we limit our government to only the functions necessary to maintain our freedoms.

Now that we have abandoned the idea of strictly obeying the Constitution, nothing is safe. We are monitored 24/7 by agents of the government, our personal information is theirs, not ours, the right to peacefully protest is being eliminated, step by step, and yet few are actively working to reverse these trends.

Some of the clearly unconstitutional laws and actions in past years that have come back to haunt us:

– The war powers act, that transfers the war making decisions from the Legislative Branch to the Executive Branch.

– Stop and frisk, that allows agents of the government (police and others) to stop innocent private citizens and violate their 4th Amendment rights.

– The dropping of the gold standard in favor of worthless paper currency, so the government can spend without limit or consequence (they believe, incorrectly).

– Forcing more and more restrictions on legal gun owners, in clear violation of the 2nd Amendment, which was written specifically to allow the citizens a way to resist government tyranny and provide a defense for their families.

– Allowing federal agencies to override states’ rights with federal rules and mandates that serve to strengthen federal power at the states’ expense.

– Creating secret courts and writs that cannot even be shown to anyone outside the government, for “National Security” reasons, even for criminal-defense purposes, in clear violation of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments.

– Creating unconstitutional organizations like the TSA and Homeland Security, to militarize internal security forces against their own citizens. And then arming these organizations and local police forces with massive amounts of military hardware and ammunition.

– Incarcerating the highest number of citizens of any country in the world, on rather dubious grounds, for the most part.

– Claiming that the entire world, including these United States is a war zone, so that peacetime restrictions on spying on U.S. and other country’s citizens can be falsely legitimized.

– Entering people’s homes during events like the the Boston bombing incident without warrant, in clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

– Passing amendments to legislation that empower government agencies to violate the Constitution by stealing citizen’s personal data from commercial companies, decrypting or creating loopholes in the security to avoid encryption, and threatening and/or prosecuting those that resist these efforts.

– Ignoring the restriction of federal power by the 10th Amendment, and using the “necessary and proper” clause as an excuse for unlimited federal expansion.

– Using our military as an unending, unauthorized world police force, that attacks political targets without any direct threat to U.S. interests.

– Creating “non-free speech” zones, like the steps of the Supreme Court, or anywhere the Secret Service designates a restricted area, to keep protestors from their 1st Amendment right, “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

– Using the federal judiciary to cover all of the above with an thin, imaginary, illegal, unconstitutional veil of legitimacy.

We need to force our politicians and our government to obey the Constitution. Or we will inevitably become a police state and a tyranny.

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