Our Principles

Our Principles


From Sunshine Magazine, March 1967:

“The American Ideal”

When this country was founded, the principles which are dear to the hearts of all freedom-loving citizens were the basis for what became the American Ideal of Freedom. In essence, this Ideal stipulates that every person should be free-
-to pursue his ambition to the full extent of his abilities, regardless of race or creed or background.
-to worship God in his own way.
-to choose his own trade, and to apply for any job he wants – and to quit his job if he doesn’t like it, or if he gets a better offer.
-to go into business for himself, be his own boss, and set his own hours of work.
-to use his honestly acquired property or savings in his own way – spend it foolishly, invest it wisely, or even give it away.
-to offer his services or products for sale on his own terms, even if he loses money on the deal.
-to buy or not to buy any service or product offered.
-to disagree with any other person, even when the majority is on the side of the other person.
-to do as he pleases in general, as long as he doesn’t infringe the equal right and opportunity of every other person to do as he pleases.
This, in a nutshell, is the Ideal American Way of Life. – Adapted from “The Freeman”.

This magazine had the following statement on the inside front cover: “Not copyrighted; if there is good here, let it be shared” (non commercially).

Sounds very much like the party platform of today’s Libertarian Party, doesn’t it?


The principles of The Libertarian Party are quite simple: Less Government, Personal Freedom, Financial Freedom, Free Market Capitalism, Obeying The Constitution, Non-Intervetionalism and Stopping the Wars–the foreign wars, the drug war, the War on Terror and any other ‘wars’ the government can come up with and spend our hard earned tax dollars on. And yet, as straight forward and simple these principles are, many in this nation (government and populace alike) find them hard to follow and even difficult to understand. Our simple belief that you know better how to spend your money then some bureaucrat in government is lost on a wide range of U.S. society, both Democrat and Republican alike.

Our reasons for following each of the principles mentioned above is explained in far greater detail in the pages created for each of them, pages which can be accessed by clicking any of the sliding images at the top of our site, or by clicking on the links right here: Less Government, Personal Freedom, Financial Freedom, Free Market Capitalism, Obeying The Constitution, Non-Intervetionalism, Stopping the Wars.

But for those who’d wish just a quick summery of why we believe what we believe, then continue down this page for a summery of each of our principles, each linked to the page expanding on them. They are simple to understand, but quite difficult for many to follow, except for those who have finally come to realize that this system we currently live under and the way it functions (if it can even be called functional) cannot last for much longer without some major action, a major correction, or a total crash into mayhem.

The System we live under was designed to work, but only if it stayed true to the principles laid out in the documents which brought it into existence. Those documents have been trampled over by those that believe that they know better and that they no longer–can no longer–need to be chained to those documents. They have taken it upon themselves, both Democrat and Republican alike, to take this nation in a new direction, one which, if you’ve come to this site, this idea, have likely starting to realize is not working out the way that those who sold it to us intended…at least not for you and me that is.

So please, take your time to stroll down a new path, a path which adheres to a very old idea: that human beings, as long as they harm no other in doing so, do their best when they are free to live their lives as they please and do with what is theirs as they see so fit.

Less Government

Personal Freedom

Financial Freedom

Free Market Capitalism

Obeying The Constitution


Stopping the Wars


These may be considered ‘top’ issues by many Libertarians such as ourselves, but they are by no means the only issues Libertarians have opinion on. The website libertarianism.com has an excellent issues page where you can find out what else we care about and what our views are on things like abortion, immagration, taxes, health care and others. So please go to their site by clicking here and see what else we have an opinion on.
You can also visit the page for the Libertarian Party, at http://lp.org.