Common Core

From a VERY angry parent, who had SENT a letter to their New York State school, to refuse Common Core Testing:

“For anyone who has children in school I am so mad now I am going to have an aneurism. My daughter in 5th grade just came home and said the school forced her to take the NYS field test ELA, I had already sent a letter to the school telling them that I do not want my daughter taking any common core tests. After calling the school I was told that I had to specifically state in my letter that I had to word the letter properly and could not just say state test. I had to say All NY state tests,Benchmarks, Field tests and Assessments..This is the most infuriating b******* I have ever heard of.” – Sherman, angry and disillusioned parent in New York

So, as a public service, here is a boilerplate letter you can download and print, along the guidelines stated by the school, based on a letter written by the “Truth in American Education” group, and adapted to New York State**:

common core opt out – Common Core Opt Out Sample Letter

** – Please note that this is NOT legal advice, and should not be construed as such. All documents should be evaluated by an attorney, as to their effectiveness and possible legal ramifications prior to submission. You should get legal advice in ANY matter regarding your child or rights as a parent. This letter is for informational purposes only.