They Voted To Renew The Red Light Camera Contract

Legislators that voted to renew the “Red Light Camera” program:

Al Krupski (D), District 1 Bridget Fleming (D), District 2 Kara Hahn (D), District 5 Sarah S. Anker (D), District 6 Robert Calarco (D), District 7 William J. Lindsay Read more

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Memorial Day – Remember Them, And Bring Our Troops Home

Remember the brave soldiers that have sacrificed everything for our ideals and that piece of paper that they swear allegiance to – The Constitution of These United States.

Now lets pressure the politicians to stop risking our best citizens Read more

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The Veteran Difference

Look around your neighborhood. See the lady walking her dog? The guy mowing his lawn down the block? They look just like everyone else, don’t they? Unless you have met them, or seen them in their uniform on a Read more

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Freedom Is Never Free….

Those that believe in Liberty know the price that may have to be paid. But it’s worth it.

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Capitalism And The Corvette

A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, “I wonder how many people could have been fed with the money you paid for that car?”.

I replied, “I am not sure.”

However, it fed a lot Read more

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