They Voted To Renew The Red Light Camera Contract

Legislators that voted to renew the “Red Light Camera” program:

Al Krupski (D), District 1
Bridget Fleming (D), District 2
Kara Hahn (D), District 5
Sarah S. Anker (D), District 6
Robert Calarco (D), District 7
William J. Lindsay III (D), District 8
Samuel Gonzalez (D), District 9
DuWayne Gregory (D), District 15
Susan A. Berland, Esq. (D), District 16
Tom Donnelly (D), District 17
William Spencer (D), District 18

Vote for the Libertarian candidates on Row “F” of the ballot November 5th if you are tired of being ripped off and not represented in Suffolk and your town or village. Show the politicians you have had enough!

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