2019 Elections

If you are a registered voter in New York State, even if you are not a member of the Libertarian Party, you can help us gather petitions for our candidates! You can contact us for details on exactly how to fill the forms out, because they are legal documents, and you will be swearing by affidavit you saw every person’s signature. The more help we get, the more variety there will be, and I am sure everyone knows we need better candidates in office right now!

If you are a notary public, it is even easier! Date the form after you witness the signatures, sign, and then stamp your notary stamp! It’s THAT easy!

You are NOT voting, nor is your filling out petitions forcing you into any party. It simply allows independent candidates like ours the chance to be on the ballot. If you want change, then help us make change possible.

Action Matters.

If you cannot petition for the LP for whatever reason, please donate, so that we can support our petitioning and election efforts. It is as easy as a click!

2019 Political Calendar

2019 Calendar

2019 Political Questionaire

Suffolk LP 2019 Questionnaire

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