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We Denounce The Air Strikes On Syria

The Libertarian Party denounces last night’s strikes on Syria. Purportedly these strikes were a retaliation for the release of a chemical agent which wounded and killed many Syrians earlier this week. The use of chemical agents against civilians is abhorrent … Continue reading

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And The Spying Goes On….

Judge Napolitano on the Freedom Act: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4290232683001/napolitano-has-the-fourth-amendment-become-meaningless/?#sp=show-clips

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Want the REAL labor statistic? You will be shocked!

Remember the old quote that there are, “liars, damn liars, and statistics”? Statistics are only as good as the people measuring them, and the politicians that want to hide the truth using them. The government and Wall St. focus on … Continue reading

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Still up on the White House website:

Is this what the White House thinks of Americans, that we are so painfully stupid that we believe the rhetoric over the facts? Evidently so. *Posted by candidate Dan Bongino to Facebook

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