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Know The Difference – And The Cause

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Why is Gold a Better Form of Money Than Paper?

Note*** – The LPSC is not endorsing any company or service presented herein, but presenting this for informational purposes only. Presented By Schiffgold.com – http://schiffgold.com May 2nd, 2017 You’ve probably heard people say gold is real money1, but what does … Continue reading

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If $15 is a better minimum wage, why not even higher?

So, the question is, what is an appropriate minimum wage? $9? $10? $15? $25? How can we make the decision as to what is the right wage to pay every worker? It seems easy, at first. The more the workers … Continue reading

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Quantitative Easing (QE) in 6 minutes

And, the sequel…. And the NEXT sequel…. Now, there are actually videos out there that purport to explain away the inflation by saying the Fed is not inflating the currency because they are swapping one type of debt note (a … Continue reading

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The minimum wage DOES hurt people, and here is Jeffrey’s story why…

Jeffrey Tucker took 3 takes to get through this, because he broke down crying the first two… This is the side of the story the mainstream media WON’T tell you.

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