Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, made the following remarks in New Mexico at the Election Night celebration for the Libertarian presidential ticket.

Hello Libertarians!

It is an honor to stand here on this stage tonight after the two greatest candidates that the Libertarian Party has ever had!

…the candidates that have had more success than the Libertarian Party has ever had in 45 years!

…the only candidates willing to go out there and stand up for the people that are not heard in this country!

…the only candidates to stand up for the independent voters that outnumber Republicans or Democrats, to stand up for the young voters that are the future of this country, to stand up for the military voters who sacrifice their lives in other countries’ civil wars for the profit of corporate cronies supported by the Democrats and the Republicans!

When the Commission on Presidential Debates cheats with both hands to silence Gary Johnson they are silencing those voices.

And that is why they will not survive.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

There are not words to express how thankful I am for their commitment to hold the Libertarian Party banner high, to show America that there is another option, to show people that you can vote for something you believe in, not against something you hate.

I’m so proud that in easily quadrupling the highest vote totals that the Libertarian Party has ever gotten in a Presidential election, Gary Johnson has shown the old party politicians that there is a group of Americans that are brave. There is a group of Americans that are strong. There is a group of Americans that have the courage that made this country, who will speak out, rebel, defy, and stand for those who don’t have a voice.

We have many victories to celebrate. Here are just a couple. We’ll update you more in the days ahead as the election results are finalized. In New Mexico, the Libertarian Party became a major party tonight. In Oklahoma, the vote total there was over the threshold to maintain party recognition, something that was bought with thousands of hours and over a hundred thousand dollars. We also received the vote percentages to retain ballot access in a number of other states including Texas and Arkansas.

As we come out of this election, stronger than ever before, the work continues. This is not the end. This is the just beginning.

Ladies and gentleman, we are winning and we have won tonight.

And you should all be proud of what we have done here.

Thank you for your support of Gary Johnson.

Thank you for your support of the Libertarian Party.

Viva Gary! Viva Libertarios!

Nicholas Sarwark

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Four Reasons To Vote Libertarian In New York Tomorrow…

1)  There is no way Trump can win in New York State.  NY is a “deep blue” state, and it is also a “winner take all” state, where all electoral votes from the state go to the leading candidate.  So it is a total waste voting for Trump in New York.
2) Voting for Gary Johnson, however, has a HUGE effect.  The Libertarian Party needs only 5% total votes nationwide to be listed as a “major” party, and receive federal funds.  If the Trump voters in NY voted for Gary, we could get the 5% with our state BY ITSELF. While the Libertarian Party opposes the whole federal funding of elections, this is the system we have, so turning down the funds would be silly while the other parties get them.  This would enable the LP to FUND local candidates and national ones, rather than relying on personal donations alone.  This would be a major game-changer in the national political scene.
3) The more votes that the third parties get this year, the more we are sending a clear message to our representatives that we are unhappy with their performance.  That ALONE is worth the third party vote.
4) The Libertarian Party is the ONLY party fighting to support and defend the Constitution, and reduce federal power over the states.

And that’s why it is VERY worth it voting for Gary Johnson, especially in New York, and other deep blue states.

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Libertarian Party: CPD shuts out millions of voters again

For Immediate Release

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Libertarian Party: CPD shuts out millions of voters again

Gov. Gary Johnson color photo
Gov. Gary Johnson

The Commission on Presidential Debates, a private organization controlled by the Democratic and Republican Parties, relied on rigged polls in its decision to exclude Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson from the second presidential debate, being held on October 9. This comes in spite of the fact that polls consistently show he draws broad support from independents, military personnel, and millennials.

“By excluding the candidate most popular with independent voters, young voters, and military voters, the CPD is silencing their voices in the political process and showing that they have no interest in educating and informing the electorate,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian Party.

Johnson is ahead of Trump among millennials and ahead of Clinton among military personnel.

To justify excluding Johnson, the decision-makers at the CPD — Janet Brown, Frank Fahrenkopf, and Mike McCurry — relied on five fraudulent polls that showed Johnson falling short of their required 15-percent average.

The CPD claims selection of the polls was based on their “soundness of the survey methodology.”

But according to Fair Debates, each of the five polls contains at least one serious flaw. For example:

  • They start with a survey question asking whether survey respondents would vote for Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.
  • They include numerous questions about Trump and Clinton, and only one that mentions Johnson.
  • They ask outright whether respondents believe Trump or Clinton will win the election.

All of these methodologies send the false message: “Only the Democrat and the Republican are really in this race.”

“It is highly probable that, had the CPD used sound polls, as their own criteria require, Johnson would be polling well over 15 percent, and they’d have no excuse to exclude him from the debates,” said Sarwark. “But clearly, fairness is not their intent. Maintaining their two-party duopoly is.”

“The CPD calls itself a ‘nonprofit’ organization,” he continued. “But big money is at the heart of what drives the two old parties, which control the CPD and which are bought and sold by special interests. No wonder they want to keep out Johnson, whose two terms as governor of New Mexico proved he’s as impervious to special-interest peddling as a candidate can be.”

The Libertarian, Republican, and Democratic presidential tickets are the only ones on the ballot in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, this November.

Johnson has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune (hometown newspaper of Democrat Hillary Clinton), the Detroit News, the New Hampshire Union-Leader, the Richmond Times-Dispatch (hometown newspaper of Democrat Tim Kaine), and the Winston-Salem Journal.

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Now The Major Endorsements Are Happening…

We reject the cliche that a citizen who chooses a principled third-party candidate is squandering his or her vote.

— Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Gary Johnson for President.  See the entire article here.

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The Danger Of The Two Party System

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other.

-John Adams

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