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July 26, 2014

Ben – Mayor Has Senior Citizen Arrested for Asking Officials to Speak Up

Beretta USA – Beretta USA Announces Decision to Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities to Tennessee

July 23, 2014

Fox News (Opinion) – Conservatives, libertarians and liberals should all worry about the militarization of police

July 19, 2014

Washington Post – FedEx indicted for drug dealing. Not a delivery guy — the whole company. – When You See This Happen, You Know It’s Game Over For The Dollar

July 18, 2014

Wall Street Journal – Federal Panel Votes to Reduce Sentences for Nonviolent Drug Offenders

July 15, 2014

Capitol – Libertarians object to apparent GOP-backed petition challenge

July 14, 2014

Ben – The Intercept: Emails Contradict Administration Claims on Guardian Laptop Destruction – Anti-Gunners Kill More Jobs with Bloomberg-Style Laws

July 11, 2014

Ars Technica – @Congressedits tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits from Capitol Hill

Mises Canada and Robert P. Murphy – The Importance of Capital Accumulation for Economic Growth

Ben – Federal Judge Orders IRS Explanation Of Lost Lerner Emails

Mises Canada, Robert P. Murphy – First Derivatives Are a Tough Knut for Krugman to Crack

July 10, 2014

Albany Times Union – Inside Politics: ‘My name is Councilman Mark Robinson’

Yahoo News and AP – Union pulls black college support after Koch gift

July 9, 2014 – Breathtaking Lawlessness

New York Post – Teachout collects 3 times more signatures needed to take on Cuomo

June 24, 2014

Ben – Secret drone kill memo released

Washington Post – Legal memo backing drone strike that killed American Anwar al-Awlaki is released

June 9, 2014

C4L – FDA says no to using wooden boards to age cheese

CNN – Robots will replace fast-food workers

June 6, 2014

Fox Business – ECB Cuts Interest Rates in Bid to Boost Eurozone Inflation

June 4, 2014

L.I. – NY Assembly Dems Block Common Core Reform Bill

Ben – Atty. Gen. Holder Announces “Homegrown” Terrorist Task Force

The Truth About – Debunking Mother Jones’ ‘10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down’

May 30, 2014

Libertarian Republic – Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney Resigns Unexpectedly

Politics on the Hudson – Conservative Party may strip support for Senate GOP over public financing

May 24, 2014

New Hampshire Union Leader – Court rules Free State Project president had right to film Weare police during a traffic stop

May 15, 2014

Ben – Graham About Crony Attempt To Ban Online Gambling

Newsday – Despite ‘good conversation’ with Cuomo, teachers to protest at Dem convention

United – Sriracha CEO compares US Government to Communist Vietnam

Ben – VIDEO: FBI Launches Full Investigation Into Bundy Ranch Supporters

Tell Me – Common Core: Federal Agents To Be Placed In Schools

Fox News – Judge Nap on Geithner Book: Admin Has Been Lying From Day One

Washington Times – NAPOLITANO: A ‘dog whistle’ for the left – New York’s SAFE Act played role in Defenshield’s move to Florida, owner says

May 8, 2014

Independent Institute – The Next IRS Tactic vs. Expats and Accidental Americans?

May 7, 2014

Ben – Lawsuit Victory: Libertarian Party Secures Ballot Access for All Third Parties

May 5, 2014

The New York Times – Libertarians Trail Meter Readers, Telling Town: Live Free or Else

April 30, 2014

Ben – Video: New “Hate Crime” Bill Will Attempt To Control Speech On Internet, Radio and TV

April 29, 2014

Harvard Institute of Politics (Blog) – Public Service Project: Combatting political intolerance in the classroom

Washington Post – The scary way Common Core test ‘cut scores’ are selected

Ron Paul Institute for Peace And Prosperity – Obama Administration Quietly Strips Senate Bill Of Provision Requiring Disclosure Of Annual Drone Kills

Newsday – Cuomo speaks at Democrats’ fundraiser in Holbrook; protesters outside attack Common Core, school tax cap

April 24, 2014

Newsday – Long Island ratepayers face $401M in PSEG worker costs

April 22, 2014

Ben – NYPD Twitter #myNYPD Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

April 21, 2014

L.I. – Did Congressman Steve Israel Really Call All Republicans Racists?

Fox News – Obama Admin To Require Companies To Give Workers’ Info To Unions

The Shooters Log (Blog) – Gabriel Razzano: ‘Ineligible’ in NY, and Fighting Back

Ben – At Least 46 Killed in Two Days of US Drone Strikes in Yemen

April 19, 2014

Albany Times Union – County clerks: State delays handgun permit updates under NY SAFE Act

Ben – Obama begins multi-million dollar Detroit bailout

April 18, 2014 – ‘Everytown’ project blowing up in Bloomberg’s face

April 17, 2014

The New York Times – When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue

Fox News – IRS emails indicate Tea Party groups could have faced ‘criminal’ charges, Republicans say

April 16, 2014

Tenth Amendment Center – Why we refuse to go “non-profit”

Fox News – Ron Paul Group To Defy IRS

April 15, 2014

Fox News – Gov’t to Stop Seizing Tax Refunds From Americans Over Parents’ Debts

April 14, 2014

L.I. – Democrat Congressman Steve Israel Brands Republicans As Racist

Libertarian Republic – Rand Paul is right: we need to arm commercial pilots (PODCAST)

Washington Post – N.Y. search warrant case shows why we need the Exclusionary Rule (4th Amendment)

April 11, 2014

Washington Post – Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts

April 10, 2014

Ben – NATO Wants More Military Spending? More Than 990 Billion?

The New York Times – Mr. Cuomo’s Gift to the Cynics – Harry Reid’s Son Representing Chinese Solar Panel Plant in $5 Billion Nevada Deal

The New American – Federal Court: Drone Killing of U.S. Citizens Is Constitutional

Independent Journal Review – Remember the Democrat Who Went on a Phony Tirade Against Issa at an IRS Hearing? We Got Your Emails

Washington Times – NAPOLITANO: NSA wrongdoing revealed (The National Security Agency is reading Americans’ emails after all)

April 7, 2014

Russia Today – US has reportedly started supplying Syrian rebels with anti-tank weapons

Ben –
Obama signs landmark legislation ending public funding of political conventions

April 5, 2014

CBC (Canada) – Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ bill celebrated by pro-gun lobby

April 3, 2014

The Blaze – This Is Why Most Military Personnel Aren’t Armed on Military Bases — and It’s Not Clinton’s Fault

April 2, 2014

Guardian US – NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans’ calls and emails – Clapper

April 1, 2014

Washington Post – CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

March 30, 2014

LI Politics – Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone Puts in Retirement Papers. Will Stay on Job and Double Dip?

March 27, 2014

Washington Times – MILLER: Exclusive — Shock verdict — Mark Witaschek guilty of possessing muzzleloader bullets in D.C.… while NBC’s David Gregory got off scot free

March 25, 2014

Telegraph UK – US backing for world currency stuns markets

March 19, 2014

News 12 long island – Lawmakers vote to raise tobacco purchasing age to 21 in Suffolk County

March 12, 2014

Daily Caller – Sebelius says Obamacare premiums will go up next year

March 10, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Lawsuit Filed After Ohio Kicks Libertarian Candidate For Governor Off Primary Ballot

March 6, 2014

Newsday – Editorial: Kick the Independence Party off the ballot (and all third parties)

Wall Street Journal – Obamacare Penalty to Exceed $95 for Many Americans,/a>

March 4, 2014

Reuters – U.S. justices extend employee whistleblower protections

Infowars – Molon Labe: Connecticut Gun Group Issues Ultimatum to Government – Police Hide Use of Cell Phone Tracker From Courts Because Manufacturer Asked

March 3, 2014

NY Post – Cuomo’s aides using state resources to build-up turnout

Washington Times – MILLER: New Jersey bill is outright gun ban on .22-caliber rifles and leads to confiscation

March 2, 2014 – MPAA Shifts Its Funding Efforts To Republicans After SOPA Defeat

(Richmond) Times – Russian troops take over Crimea

Ben – Thousands demonstrating as Russian flags are raised in eastern Ukrainian cities

NY Daily News – An Unexpected Gun Debate Shoots Down State Sen. Greg Ball’s Voter Registration Bill

Conservative – Retaliation: Home Addresses of CT Legislators Who Voted in Favor of Gun Registration Posted By Patriot Activist

Ben – Developing: President Obama Skips National Security Meeting on 15,000 Russian Troops Now in Ukraine

Ben – Breaking: Russia Recalling Ambassador From U.S., Sending Troops Into Ukraine

March 1, 2014

LI – Jay Jacobs: Nassau Dems Will NOT Take Position in NY CD-4

LI – Election 2014: Grant Lally to Challenge Steve Israel in NY CD-3

February 27, 2014

Fox News – UK, US spies hacked into webcam feeds of millions of Yahoo users

Ben – Democrats Kill Amendment To Protect Americans’ Free Speech From IRS Scrutiny

Reason – Arizonans Want Abusive Border Patrol Checkpoint Removed From Their Town

Fox News – Judge Nap Explains the ‘Danger’ in New SCOTUS Ruling on Police Searches

Fox News – Judge Nap: FDA’s Alleged Spying on Scientists ‘An Exquisite Violation of 4th Amendment Rights’

Buffalo News – Judge tosses out SAFE Act charge against Lockport man

Slate – The Big, Bad Freeze; The Supreme Court just made it easier for the government to take your assets before you even go to trial.

Washington Times – MILLER: Pressure for Supreme Court to take up Drake case and rule on concealed carry laws for nation

Kansas City Star – Leawood couple battle to open police investigation records

February 25, 2014

Victory: Modesto Junior College Settles Student’s First Amendment Lawsuit

NY Post – Cuomo seeks Republicans to back his re-election

Ben – CNN discusses ‘Lindsey Graham for Hillary’ Ad

Washington Examiner – Why do so many liberals want to suppress political speech?

Independent Journal Review – Dem Rep Threatens Licenses Of TV Stations Airing ObamaCare Ad Featuring Leukemia Victim

February 24, 2014

Washington Times – MILLER: Prosecution rests in trial for D.C. man charged for one shotgun shell – High court rejects NRA appeals

February 23, 2014 – Ukrainian Gun Owners Association’s official statement

February 22, 2014

WFMY News 2 – Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It

Washington Times – EDITORIAL: Connecticut gun owners revolt

Libertarian Republic – Cops Beat Unarmed Man To Death In Front Of Family, Take Camera That Recorded It

Wall Street Journal – Cuomo wants speed cameras for LI school zones

February 21, 2014 – 7 Ways Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same

Opposition – Libertarian Gigi Bowman leads by example in NY State Senate bid

Independent Political – Opposition News: Libertarian Gigi Bowman Leads by Example in NY State Senate Bid

Ben – The Persecution of U.S. Political Prisoner & Whistleblower John Kiriakou

February 20, 2014

The Guardian (Opinion) – Rand Paul: The NSA is still violating our rights, despite what James Clapper says

Ban – Republicans Kill Pro 2nd Amendment Bill in South Carolina

Washington Times – BANDOW: Obama’s ivory-trade regulatory overkill

February 19, 2014

Daily Caller – White House: No more information about drone killings will be released to public

Libertarian Republic – 8 L.A. officers won’t be punished for firing 103 times on two unarmed women

NY Post – Wine dealers say new tax could raise alcohol costs by $2 a bottle

February 16, 2014

Ben – New Jersey Police Chief speaks out against Town Council, is placed on leave

The Truth About – Hartford Courant Declares War on CT Gun Owners

SHTF – Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k and IRA: “This Is Happening” – Gay D.C. Libertarian Mayoral Candidate Slammed by GLAA for Supporting Limited Government

February 13, 2014

Fox News (Judge Andrew Napolitano [Opinion]) – A new assault on freedom of the press

Daily Caller – Cuomo aide caught breaking gun law, quickly receives waiver

Reason – Federal Court Says ‘Good Cause’ Requirement for Conceal-Carry Permits Violates the Second Amendment

The Federalist – Officials in Connecticut Stunned by What Could Be a Massive, State-Wide Act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ by Gun Owners

February 12, 2014

Huffington Post – US Plummets In Press Freedom Rankings

The New American – EU Terrorizes Switzerland Over Vote to Limit Immigration

February 11, 2014

Washington Times – MILLER: Obama’s surgeon general nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy is a radical gun grabber

Libertarian Republic – Record Number of Americans Renounced Citizenship in 2013


Ben – (VIDEO) Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Senators McCain and Graham do not represent the Republican Party

February 10, 2014

Fox News – Supreme Court to decide whether to hear cases regarding right to ‘bear’ arms

Raw – Report: Another U.S. citizen targeted for drone attack

February 7, 2014

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – US ‘Ukraine-gate’ Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration

February 6, 2014

Independent Political – Tennessee Bills Introduced to Eliminate Need for Minor Parties to Submit Massive Petitions – Death, fraud in LI schools – No system exists to enforce NY Safe Act’s background checks on ammo sales, superintendent says

Ben – New Poll: Lindsey Graham May Be Finished For

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – ‘F**k the EU’: Tape Reveals US Runs Ukraine Opposition

February 5, 2014

Ben – Federal Government Legalizes Hemp

Newsmax – Critics: Cuomo’s ‘Tax-Free’ Plan for NY Is Not So Tax-Free

Smart Citizen Sticks it to The Man by Fighting his Traffic Ticket

Forbes – White House: It’s A Good Thing That Obamacare Will Drive 2.5 Million Americans Out Of The Workforce

Newsday – Stony Brook Hospital rejects health exchange plans (Journal News) – Westchester Medical Center won’t accept ACA patients

Daily Mail – More than 2.3 MILLION full-time jobs will be lost because of Obamacare by 2021 – three times the initial estimate, finds shocking official report – Federal judge rules flashing headlights to warn of speed traps is legal

February 1, 2014

Washington Times – EDITORIAL: Chuck Schumer urges IRS to harass Tea Party groups into silence

Conservative – HE KNEW? Former Port Authority Official Says Christie Knew About Lane Closings

January 31, 2014 – Dear America, I Saw You Naked

Long Island Newsday – Levittown man, fed up with potholes, does repairs himself

Washington Examiner – Federal consumer bureau data-mining hundreds of millions of consumer credit card accounts, mortgages

Idaho – House committee advances bill giving domestic police powers to National Guard – New York State Exposed: Safe Act Pushback

Liberty Round – TSA Harasses Police Chief – Entire Police Department Fired

Newsday Long Island – PSEG customers facing rising electric bills

Biz Pac – Dershowitz, legal experts say vindictive D’Souza indictment came from higher up

January 30, 2014 – Smith & Wesson to halt California sales over microstamping – Connecticut Gun Owners Revolt; Refuse to Register Firearms & Magazines

Washington Times – NYC school cuts popular gifted program over lack of diversity: report

Washington Post – Rand Paul ≠ Ron Paul

January 29, 2014

Fox News – Predator drone helps convict North Dakota farmer in first case of its kind

January 28, 2014

Ben – Arizona State GOP censures Senator McCain

Washington Post – Obama to raise minimum wage for government contract workers

Washington Post – NY teachers union pulls its support from Common Core, urges removal of state ed chief

Libertarian Republic – Amash asks GOP Figure To Step Down After Hate Speech Against Muslims and Gays

January 27, 2014 – We Win the NY Times Prize

January 26, 2014 – Impeach-Obama Protesters Threatened with Court Summons (Video)

The New York Times – Rand Paul’s Mixed Inheritance

Capital New – Silver: ‘The case has been made for a Common Core delay’

NY Daily News – Former Gov. Pataki joins chorus of New York Republicans blasting Gov. Cuomo for bashing ‘extreme conservatives’ – A Libertarian Insurgency in the Press

Fox News – Gun flight: Smith & Wesson, Ruger quit California over stamping requirement

January 25, 2014

Forbes – Told Ya So: NSA’s Collection Of Metadata Is Screamingly Illegal

I – HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent

BBC – HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals

BBC – Ukraine protests spread beyond Kiev amid crisis talks

Ben – 34 Nuclear Missile Officers Fired in Test Cheating Scandal

January 24, 2014

Ben – Peter Schiff: “If The Public Knew How Screwed They Were, They Might Not Re-Elect The Guys That Are There”

Free – Schumer Calls for Using IRS to Curtail Tea Party Activities – RNC slams ‘unconstitutional’ NSA spying

January 23, 2014

Fox News – White House rejects review board finding that NSA data sweep is illegal – ‘Socialist’ Swedes Take to Private Health Insurance

Fox News – Supreme Court weighs gun rights challenge

Fox News – Obama Admin. Accused of Suing S&P to Get Political Payback

January 22, 2014

Ben – Lobbying Firm Wants GMO Labeling “Outlawed”

SHTF – After the Collapse: Six Likely Events That Will Follow an Economic Crash

Libertarian Republic – Justin Bieber Refuses To Hand LAPD His Cell Phone Password

Ben – BREAKING: Tennessee files historic legislation; Takes aim at state’s NSA facility – Napolitano: Few checks on Obama’s bully-pulpit power

January 21, 2014

Kansas (Kansas City Star) – U.S. attorneys build a case for themselves as moneymakers for federal government

Libertarian Republic – BREAKING: Homeland Security Agents Rip Prescription Google Glasses Off Moviegoer’s Face – Liberal icon urges Obama impeachment

Washington Times – MILLER: D.C. man on trial for one shotgun shell – wasn’t given David Gregory deal

NY Daily News – NY Dream Act proposal for tuition aid to illegal immigrants gets support from breakaway Democrats

Libertarian Party of Ohio – LPO wins fight to stay on 2014 ballot

January 20, 2014

Fox News Insider – NY Village to Seize WWII Veteran’s Grocery Store Using Taxpayer Money

January 17, 2014

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – You Can’t Opt Out: 10 NSA Myths Debunked – Partisan Commission on Presidential Debates Harms Process

Fox News – Texas man fights citation after warning drivers of nearby speed trap – Victim of Dog-Authorized Anal Assault Receives $1.6 Million Settlement

Yahoo News – McCain, Kaine unveil measure to change war powers

Liberty (Opinion) – What NYC Mayor De Blasio & Adam Kokesh have in common

January 16, 2014 – The Great Healthcare CON

January 15, 2014

Long Island Business News – Ronkonkoma Hub labeled regionally significant

Real Clear – Obama: “We’re Not Going To Be Waiting For Legislation… I Can Use That Pen To Sign Executive Orders”

Brooklyn Eagle – Short-term apartment rentals ruled illegal

Newsday – NY top court rejects suit against MTA payroll tax

Fox News – Senate Intelligence Committee releases comprehensive Benghazi report

January 14, 2014

Business Insider – CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel

NY Post – De Blasio’s plan to kill charter schools – Jackson: Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland

Fox News – Officials say no evidence criminal charges warranted so far in IRS targeting probe

January 13, 2014 – State officials appeal court order allowing minor-party primary elections this spring

Libertarian Republic – Meet The Robot That’s A Minimum Wage Killer

Western Center for Journalism – All Gun Owners Are Mentally Ill? – NY Residents Protest Common Core During Gov Cuomo’s Media Appearence

CNN – CNN exclusive: Feds investigating Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds – We Will Be Told Hyperinflation is Necessary, Proper, Patriotic, and Ethical

IC – Maricopa GOP leadership poised to censure John McCain (passed 1150-351, according to reports)

January 11, 2014

The Blaze – Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Ever During Obama Presidency… but Why Even the Associated Press Is Pointing Out It’s Not Good

DC – Federal law says you CAN opt out of Obamacare and CAN NOT be penalized if you do

Tech Dirt – Dianne Feinstein Admits That Her ‘NSA Reform’ Bill Is About Protecting Existing Surveillance Programs

January 10, 2014

The Atlantic – The Wedding That a U.S. Drone Strike Turned Into a Funeral

Journal Sentinal (Mobile) – Letter from Congress calls ATF sting tactics ‘almost unimaginable’

Business Insider – Police Say Man With 48 Bombs Also Had Top Secret Clearance, Guns, A Vest, And Blueprints

January 9, 2014

Business Insider – This Map Shows Which States Americans Are Moving To And Leaving

Chicago Tribune – Do you really want the government in your bathtub?

CBS News NY – NYC Seeks To Vaccinate More Kids Against Flu – Slate Wonders Why Libertarian Party Insists on Being Libertarian on Gay Rights Issues, Reveals Utter Ignorance of Party’s History

Washington Times – NAPOLITANO: Is the NSA spying on Congress?

NBC Washington – Navy Apologizes After Mistakenly Sent Email

January 8, 2014

Huffington Post – Al Qaeda Forces In Iraq Take Over Fallujah And Ramadi

North – Update: Christie says he was misled by staff member; emails link top aide to GWB controversy

January 7, 2014

Natural News – USS Ronald Reagan sailors sue Tokyo Electric Power Company for deliberately releasing toxic plume of radiation causing massive, deadly disease

January 6, 2014

Reuters – Insight: Fuelled by Syria war, al Qaeda bursts back to life in Iraq

Guns Save – BREAKING: US District Court Rules Chicago’s Ban on Sale of Handguns is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Ben – The drones are coming: FAA chooses 6 states for test sites

My – Exclusive: Eminent Domain At The Ronkonkoma Hub? By Saudi Arabian Investors?

January 3, 2014

The Blaze – ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’: The Viral Photo Out of Connecticut That’s Giving Some Gun Owners Chills

Daily Caller – Harvard study: Medicaid actually increases ER visits

The – Eleven attorneys general slam Obama healthcare fixes as illegal

Washington Times – SEE YA: Top gun company splits from Colorado, costing state $85 million

January 2, 2014

USA Today – Fiat buys rest of Chrysler from UAW; no IPO

January 1, 2014

Forbes (Op-ed) – Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free

NBC News – Supreme Court halts contraception mandate for religious groups

The Blaze – They Didn’t Give a Flute: Musician Says Customs Agents at JFK Airport Destroyed Every One of His 11 Handmade Instruments

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