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Governor Candidate Larry Sharpe On TV!

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Can I Vote For Larry Sharpe If I Am A Democrat?

QUESTION: Can I vote for Larry Sharpe for Governor if I’m registered as a Democrat? (or a Republican, Independence, Working Families Party, Green, Reform Party, Tea Party, Conservative, Constitutionalist, or any other party…or even no party at all?) ANSWER: No … Continue reading

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Why is Gold a Better Form of Money Than Paper?

Note*** – The LPSC is not endorsing any company or service presented herein, but presenting this for informational purposes only. Presented By – May 2nd, 2017 You’ve probably heard people say gold is real money1, but what does … Continue reading

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And THIS Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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Have You Thanked A Veteran Today?

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in these United States. Everyone should take a moment to remember our veterans, and what they sacrifice every day, so that everyone in America is protected from invaders. Veterans give up years of their life, … Continue reading

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