Stephen Ruth’s Next Court Date Tomorrow

Stephen Ruth’s next court date is February 8th at 9:00 a.m. at Arthur Cromarty court complex Riverhead, Judge Mark Cohen’s court room. Who can he expect to show up in support? Time to stand up and be counted. 11,000 people signed his petitions in his run for State Senate. If you really support Stephen Ruth, and are not just a big talker, you will take the time and make the effort to appear in support. This is about our rights, the safety of our kids, and about stopping the politicians from using the law as a legal way to steal more taxes from us, while claiming we are lawbreakers. There is no excuse for not appearing. If you want to be able to look Stephen in the eye, then be there for him. Otherwise, realize that for all the big talk, you will not act as they take your rights away, and let your children be killed so that Suffolk County can keep taxing and spending, using your red light camera money. We will be there to peacefully observe the case, and support Stephen.

Can Stephen Count on YOU?

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