Have You Thanked A Veteran Today?

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in these United States. Everyone should take a moment to remember our veterans, and what they sacrifice every day, so that everyone in America is protected from invaders.

Veterans give up years of their life, where they could be earning much more working at a civilian job, to be in the military. And even though there are many fine and valuable skills, like leadership, and a strong work ethic, that the military teaches it’s recruits, many of the skills do not directly translate to civilian life (What employer really needs the skill of firing a tank cannon?). Fortunately, many employers do tend to favor the veterans, because they do have leadership and other skills, as well as reliability.

Veterans undergo hardships at home, including divorce, because of their long separations from loved ones. And the families of veterans bear this burden as well. They live with the knowledge that someday, a knock on the door may happen, and their lives will be shattered and their children lose one of their parents.

Veterans undergo harsh training, poor living contions, and sleep deprivation. At any moment, they may be required to leave their homes, and fly around the world, where other people will try to kill them. And they do this cheerfully, and without complaint (sure, they grumble, but they still go, and who doesn’t grumble?).

Veterans return with injuries, sometimes crippling, and some do not return at all. Some return physically whole, but scarred mentally from the things they have seen, and what they were required to do for their country, and to survive. And their care is run by the government, with little concern or care at the top levels.

And yet in spite of these challenges (or perhaps because of them), the veterans are proud to have served their country, which means each of US.

So on Veterans Day, remember ALL the veterans that have protected us from those that wish us harm, and always remember that while our government may not always do the right thing, our veterans do the best they can to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, and every one of its people.

Thank You for your service and your sacrifices this Veterans Day, and EVERY day.

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