Four Reasons To Vote Libertarian In New York Tomorrow…

1)  There is no way Trump can win in New York State.  NY is a “deep blue” state, and it is also a “winner take all” state, where all electoral votes from the state go to the leading candidate.  So it is a total waste voting for Trump in New York.
2) Voting for Gary Johnson, however, has a HUGE effect.  The Libertarian Party needs only 5% total votes nationwide to be listed as a “major” party, and receive federal funds.  If the Trump voters in NY voted for Gary, we could get the 5% with our state BY ITSELF. While the Libertarian Party opposes the whole federal funding of elections, this is the system we have, so turning down the funds would be silly while the other parties get them.  This would enable the LP to FUND local candidates and national ones, rather than relying on personal donations alone.  This would be a major game-changer in the national political scene.
3) The more votes that the third parties get this year, the more we are sending a clear message to our representatives that we are unhappy with their performance.  That ALONE is worth the third party vote.
4) The Libertarian Party is the ONLY party fighting to support and defend the Constitution, and reduce federal power over the states.

And that’s why it is VERY worth it voting for Gary Johnson, especially in New York, and other deep blue states.

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