How To Get An Independent Candidate Elected In Suffolk County And N.Y. State, Part Two – Why Getting Petition Signatures Is Something You Should Do

Statewide Libertarian Party Petition for Governor

Statewide Libertarian Party Petition for the 2014 Governor’s race.

We all know petitioning is a real pain. For some of us, it’s even a bit scary, walking up to a total stranger to ask them to sign a petition form. But if you are unhappy with what is going on in New York, if you are tired of the same old garbage from Albany, and being ignored and treated as if you and your family are nothing more than sheep to be fleeced of their money by the Albany “shepherds”, then you should be RUNNING to petition.

The equation is simple. With only two parties, they make deals, they make sure they stay in power, they do what they want without any interference from you, the voter. But when real third parties are on the ballot, then they have to answer those hard questions being asked by third party candidates. They have to explain WHY the budget keeps rising, the taxes keep going up, and the only thing NOT rising is your paycheck. And they have to explain it IN PUBLIC. To YOU, the VOTER.

But here’s the problem. To get a candidate on the gubernatorial ballot, it take 15,000 valid petition signatures. Yes, that’s right, FIFTEEN THOUSAND. And that is “VALID” signatures. Here’s what happens when the petitions are submitted: First, the Board of Elections scrutinizes them. They have to pass a “Prima Facia” test – does the pile of signatures LOOK like it has 15,000? If not, you are out. Then, you can be challenged. True story just out of Illinois, the Libertarians signatures were challenged – 54% of them! That means that within a 72-hour period, you must respond to EVERY reason they say your signatures are no good – In the case in Illinois, that is over 25,000 signatures, gathered with blood, sweat, and tears of the Illinois party. The only way to avoid this is to file SO MANY signatures, even an opponent won’t bother, because they have no chance of knocking you off.

But to do that, we need YOU. We need your friends, we need your DOG to help gather signatures. If old Frisky can wag his or her tail and get folks to stop, bring him! Anyone registered to vote in New York can do petition signatures. It is a bit picky, but the party would be totally THRILLED to show you how. Without it, another four years will go by, and nothing at all will change. People are leaving New York in droves. You can join them, or you can draw that line in the sand, and say, “We need better people in office!”

It’s all up to YOU. Action matters.

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