Michael McDermott to Lead Libertarian Team in Drive for Governor’s Race

Governor candidate Michael McDermott with Gigi Bowman, State Senate candidate for the 5th District on Long Island

Gubernatorial candidate Michael McDermott with Gigi Bowman, State Senate candidate for the 5th District on Long Island.

   In one of the largest New York Libertarian Conventions in many years, long-time Huntington resident Michael McDermott was chosen by the New York State Libertarian Party as its candidate for governor of the Empire State on Saturday, April 26th in Colonie (a suburb of Albany). In a hotly contested nomination process, McDermott won over the assembly, which was comprised of men and women, young and old, newcomers and veterans. The voting was close, but McDermott edged out his challengers with his powerful presence, delivery, and clear vision for the actions necessary to lead the Libertarian Party of New York to victory at the polls in November.

Each of the candidates for nomination were strong, viable choices, and brought a unique and refreshing perspective to the debates, yet McDermott prevailed at the finish. He looks forward to working with not only his former challengers and the entire Libertarian Party, as well as other groups interested in stopping the decline of New York’s economy and personal liberty. Owing to his gift of being a “uniter”, McDermott brings conservative, constitutional, and liberal groups together that are prone to disagreement on the issues.

He supports libertarian principles, restoring the Constitution, individual rights, smaller government, reducing spending and taxes, and bringing real jobs back to New York, rather than political rhetoric that never lasts past the end of the election cycle.

Michael McDermott (2nd from left) with the Libertarian Party team for Governor
Gubernatorial candidate Michael McDermott (2nd from left) with the Libertarian Party Team for Governor
Christopher Edes – Lt. Governor (Far left)
John Clifton – Comptroller (2nd from right)
Carl Person – Attorney General (pronounced Peerson) (Far right)

McDermott, along with his fellow nominees from across our great state, Christopher Edes, John Clifton, and Carl Person, are working as a team to bring New Yorkers who are disaffected, wary and disillusioned by voting in what they were trying to vote out, back to the polls to restore the Empire State to it’s former vibrance and appeal.

McDermott, who campaigned on Long Island for the third district’s Congressional seat in 2012 as the Libertarian candidate, has a slogan, “When Principles Meet Action”, and he means it. Hear him talk even once, and you will realize that he believes what he says, giving clear, direct answers on issues, rather than playing at ‘talking points’.

With the ‘traditional’ parties focusing on only one or two hot-button issues, and a history of broken promises on those same issues, New Yorkers would be well served to get new ideas and a new Governor with firm principles and the gumption to take on the special interests and lobbies.

Michael and his team will be appearing all over the state, before many different groups and at many events. As the chairman of the New York Libertarian Party Mark Axinn has already stated, “If our opponents are afraid and stay away, we win, and if they appear, we will still win on the issues, every time.

This is one of New York’s State’s last chances to turn things around and return to being “The Great State of New York”. The state flag has the motto “Excelsior” at it’s base, meaning ‘Excellent’, or ‘Great’. Currently, we are at the bottom of the list for business and investment, and as a recent Washington Times editorial has stated, New York is “hemorrhaging a staggering 1.5 million residents” to more business-friendly, lower-tax states.

If you believe that New York State still has a future, Michael McDermott deserves your consideration at the polls this November as your next governor of New York State on the Libertarian ballot line.

Visit Mike’s gubernatorial website at http://votemcdermott.org.

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