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What Will You Choose?

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Want Gary In The Debates? Dial 202-872-1020

202-872-1020 is the telephone number for the Presidential Debate Commission. Because of their artificial and ridiculous criteria, it is nearly impossible to get ANY third party candidate in the debates, because the media writes the poll questions in a manner deliberately designed to force people to choose the majority parties.

If enough people were to politely call the commission, perhaps we could educate them as to how much support the Libertarian ticket actually has.

You will probably have to call repeatedly to get through, so be prepared, and be sure to mention you want the Libertarian candidates in the event(s).

Call, and keep calling, until they get the message.

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Massive Support for Libertarian “Stop The Red Light” Candidates

State Senate candidate Stephen Ruth (The Red Light Robin Hood) and State Assembly candidate James Smith showed the huge amount of support for their candidacies and stopping the Red Light Cameras in Suffolk County, when they delivered to the Suffolk Board of Elections well in excess of 10,000 petition signatures Tuesday, August 23rd.

The number of required signatures is only around three thousand for the Senate race, and less for the Assembly race, so the number should prevent almost any challenges to their gaining access to the ballot in November.

Both the Suffolk County and New York State Libertarian Parties have taken major strides this year, with Gary Johnson appearing on the Presidential ballot, and now the filing by the two local candidates for state office. The Suffolk County Libertarian Party is proud of the work that our candidates have done to spread the cause of Liberty and smaller government in our county.

The campaigns are gearing up to take on their opponents, so keep checking our Facebook page and Facebook group and our Meetup for campaign events as they are scheduled!

Congratulations, Stephen and James, and let’s keep the momentum going for November!

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Libertarian Party Clears Ballot Access Hurdles in Ohio, NY

For Immediate Release

August 17, 2016

Libertarian Party clears hurdles for ballot access in Ohio, New York

Alexandria – The Libertarian Party’s candidate for president, Gary Johnson, has cleared more hurdles to be on the ballot in Ohio and New York and is on track for ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The final step for ballot access in New York was completed when the time frame for specific objections to the petitions turned in by the Libertarian Party of New York ran out.

In Ohio, the Secretary of State raised the question that it might not be legally allowable to substitute Gary Johnson’s name for the “stand-in” candidate filed before he was the party’s official nominee. The final ruling from the Ohio Secretary of State came August 15 in the Party’s favor.

The substitution process had been done several times without incident or question in the past. And, the timelines involved leave little choice but to use stand-in candidates for filing purposes. The filing deadline for independent candidates in Ohio was March 14th. The party’s nominating convention at which the presidential candidate was chosen was May 27. This process is also common in other states with similar filing deadline restraints.

The final hurdle is verification of 12,000 signatures petitioners have collected. Should 5,000 of those be deemed valid, Gary Johnson will be on the Ohio ballot in November as an independent candidate – independent because Ohio raised its ballot access standards in 2013, causing the Libertarian Party to lose state recognition.

LNC Ballot Access Committee Chair Ken Moellman, Jr. is confident this threshold will be reached, stating “I worked closely with LP Ohio volunteers to validate signatures as they came in. We know that we submitted over 6,500 valid signatures. I’m honored to have worked with so many great activists in Ohio who all helped put a great candidate on the ballot in Ohio.”

As of this writing, the Libertarian Party is confirmed for ballot access in 40 states and is on track for all 50 plus the District of Columbia.

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