Petitioning Starts June 21st!


Petitioning is here again! So PLEASE help us gather the ridiculous number of signatures we need to get Gary Johnson on the ballot. Please check our meetup,, and our website for updates as to where we will be.

If you cannot petition for the LP for whatever reason, please donate, so that we can support our petitioning and election efforts. It is as easy as a click!


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Call your State Senator to allow Gravity Knives


EMAIL the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, TODAY and simply deliver the message that you are “calling/writing to respectfully request that Leader Flanagan please schedule S6483A for a vote,” and then thank him. Please be POLITE and RESPECTFUL.

CALL Majority Leader Flanagan TODAY at:


The Switchblade is the safest knife for use on a ladder, or up a mast, because a workman or sailor can deploy it with one hand. The gravity knife has similar advantages.

The Second Amendment says:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

So what is the justification for arresting people with gravity knives?

For more information, here is a knife rights organization:

If you are intent on a premeditated knife crime, it’s a simple matter to unfold any knife before you commit the crime. The NY switchblade ban won’t stop you.

EMAIL Majority Leader Flanagan TODAY at:



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Flag Day, June 14th, Remembering What The Flag Really Stands For

In the end, a flag is just a piece of colored cloth. It has no intrinsic meaning, other than what those that see it, award it. So then, why do we stand up and salute it when the national anthem plays?

For many Americans, it is a symbol of everything we hold dear. And what matters most, Freedom and Liberty. The liberty to be who we want to be, live our lives without interference, and raise our families without having to worry about their safety and their liberty every minute of every day. Those rights do not come from the flag, they come from our humanity.

The founders of our country felt this so strongly, that they wanted an accounting of those rights, and guarantees by those that they gave the power of government to, that those rights would be protected, even from the government itself. Especially from the government, as the government holds the means to violence.

That document was the Constitution of These United States of America. So when you salute the flag, realize it is not a national symbol or an idol you are saluting, but the idea embodied in that document. We defend the rights of everyone with that simple piece of paper, and defend them with every means we have. We send our young men and women into danger to defend the Constitution, and make them swear an oath, not to the country, but to the document and its ideas, because we are not defending a colored piece of cloth, but the idea that we are human beings, and as human beings we have the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, as the Declaration of Independence so eloquently stated.

So, this flag day, remember that a piece of cloth can be trampled, burned and defaced. A piece of paper can be shredded and destroyed. But the ideas behind our Constitution can never be taken away, unless we give them away, or let them be taken away by others.

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There IS Another Choice For President… Vote Libertarian!

Gary Johnson, the two-term governor from New Mexico, and William Weld, governor from Massachusetts, are the Libertarian Party’s choice for President of these United States. Join us, and stop voting for the same old, same old.

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Listen To A Debate – And Candidates – That Actually Make Sense!

Recorded at the New York State Libertarian Party Convention, April 30th, 2016.

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