A Question To Ponder Over The Thanksgiving Holiday

Are you fed up with Big Government?

Are you worried about the future of our country?

Unless Libertarians have a place on the stage of politics, no one will challenge the Big Government status quo in your state. Do you want this?

Have you considered that the next one to take that place on the stage — is you?

Maybe you never pictured yourself running for office. But other Libertarians may see you as a quality candidate.

This Thanksgiving, while you’re gathering with friends and family, traveling, or just hanging out at home, here’s a question to ponder:

Is 2016 the year for me to run for office as a Libertarian?

Why do many concerned voters stay home on Election Day? Because they have no one on the ballot who represents their libertarian-leaning, small government ideas.

Libertarian campaigns are the #1 way that Americans hear our libertarian ideas.

Libertarian campaigns drive media coverage for our ideas. They put us on the stage.

Running for office does not have to be time consuming. You can put minimal time and effort into a campaign, run a more engaged and active campaign, or go all-out and run a serious campaign that reaches hundreds of thousands of voters, for high-level campaigns, or that has a better shot at winning a local race.

In many states, there’s no cost to run for office. In others, you need to raise a modest sum to cover filing or petitioning costs. The LP can show you how this is done.

Or if you get the bug, you can go big. Or anything in between. Your choice.

You don’t have to be a silver-tongued public speaker to run for office. And if you chose to run an active, visible campaign, you can get the training. The National LP will help to train you in messaging and supply talking points on common issues. Your state LP may help as well.

Many Libertarians who have run for office consider it to be one of the most important things they ever did. Something that really made a difference.

Do you want to tell your kids, nieces, nephews, or grand kids some day that you took the stage for liberty?

To explore whether running for office in 2016 – or in the future – might be right for you, click here.  You’ll get an email with the information you need to consider this choice.

In some states, the deadline to file is coming soon:

·         December 14           Texas

·         December 21           North Carolina

·         January 8                 Mississippi

·         February 3               Maryland

·         March 1                   Alabama and Nebraska

In Arkansas, the deadline has passed, but a lawsuit may make later filings possible.

Even if your state’s deadline isn’t soon, starting a campaign earlier is better. It gives you a jump and gets your name and your Libertarian ideas out there sooner than later for voters to hear.

So think it over this holiday and see if you can carve out a small – or large – or medium-sized slice of your time in the next year to run for office as a Libertarian.

As Big Government grows apace, the longing for freedom grows in the hearts of millions of Americans. They want and need your voice.

Will you give it to them?

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LP to New York: Cease and desist your rigged state lottery; leave fantasy sports alone


For immediate release
November 12, 2015

LP:End state lotteriesIn the face of New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman’s  issuing of cease-and-desist orders to fantasy sports operators DraftKings and FanDuel, the Libertarian Party calls for the state of New York and every other state-run gambling operation to immediately shut down their immoral and hypocritical operations.

One only needs to stand at a check-out counter where working poor dump the bulk of their disposable income into reels of state lottery tickets every day to witness  the devastation that state lotteries wreak on the vulnerable.

Yet politicians have the audacity to call private gambling a “social ill.”

Not only is this egregiously hypocritical, it covers up the state’s own racket.

Greedy politicians use state lotteries to gouge gullible players, paying out only a fraction of what private operators pay out.

New York payouts are no more than 40-75% of ticket sales. That is to say, it pockets a whopping 25-60% of revenue.

In contrast, online gambling websites pay out 96-98% on average. Typical Las Vegas casinos payout over 99% on slot machines and poker games. Plus they throw in entertainment and free drinks.

In other words, the New York government pockets 25 to 60 times as much as casino operators do. Business is great when you can outlaw competition.

State governments not only play by very different rules than they impose on others; they break their own rules.

The Illinois state lottery held back paying winners as promised this year due to a budget impasse. They’re issuing IOUs instead. Yet no one is coming by with a crow bar to crack their knees for stiffing their customers.

State government lotteries are the real social ill. They run taxpayer-funded ads to lure their customers into buying addictive lottery tickets. They shut down their competitors under the threat of fines and imprisonment, forming state-sanctioned monopolies. Then they gouge their customers with pathetic, piddling payouts.

“Schniederman isn’t going after Draft Kings and FanDuel to protect New Yorkers, he’s going after them to crush competition for the New York lottery,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “It’s supposed to be the job of attorneys general to break up the rackets that prey on poor people, not protect them.”

Unlike state lotteries, private gambling operators are fair and civil to their customers. They do not use force to suppress their competitors. Instead, they respond to competition by giving their customers a better deal.

“We call on New York and other state governments to cease-and-desist these bullying tactics,” said Sarwark, “and for the repeal of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) that government uses to stop Americans from making an honest wager.”

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Support the Independent & Third Party Debate Commission

Since we are excluded from most debates, there are other ways to help third-party candidates make an impact in their communities. You can sponsor third party debates with donations, sponsorships, and even by supplying venues for the events. Go to http://www.itpdc.org/sponsors to sign up and help present fair and balanced debates, rather than the travesties we are forced to endure now that call themselves “debates”.

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Suffolk County Libertarian Party Rallies For Lally at Meehans of Huntington


Grant Lally is the Republican Party, the Reform Party and Conservative Party candidate for County Legislator in Suffolk County's LD #18.

Grant Lally is the Republican Party, the Reform Party and Conservative Party candidate for County Legislator in Suffolk County’s LD #18.

The Suffolk County Libertarian Party held a “Rally for Lally” Thursday, October 22st, at Meehans of Huntington. Grant Lally made a welcome appearance, and told the gathering his ideas on how he will correct Suffolk County’s increasing taxes, loss of jobs and families, and ever-deepening debt. Few people outside the Suffolk County government are aware that in March of 2014, Moodys rating service downgraded Suffolk County’s debt to A3.

Grant also discussed other items of concern, and how he is committed to smaller government, and less burden on business owners and taxpayers in Suffolk County.

Longtime Suffolk County Libertarian Party member and advisor Audrey Capozzi was extremely generous and donated dozens of books on economics, education, libertarianism, and liberty to the Suffolk Libertarian Party. The books were used to decorate the room, and act as conversation pieces during the event. In addition, select copies were part of of raffles to raise money for the campaign and for the Suffolk LP.

The Suffolk County Libertarian Party would also like to thank the owners and fine staff of Meehans of Huntington, who made the event such an enjoyable and exciting night. The food was delicious, the service was friendly, and the beverages were certainly to everone’s taste!

For more information about Grant Lally’s campaign, visit

Friends of Grant Lally on Facebook

and to contact the Suffolk County Libertarian Party, go to our Contact Us pages, or stop down at one of our meetings and events.

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Join The Suffolk LP To Support Grant Lally at Meehans in Huntington Thursday!


Grant Lally is the Republican Party, the Reform Party and Conservative Party candidate for County Legislator in Suffolk County's LD #18.

Grant Lally is the Republican Party, the Reform Party and Conservative Party candidate for County Legislator in Suffolk County’s LD #18.

Please join the Suffolk County Libertarian Party in support of Grant Lally’s candidacy for the Suffolk County Legislature in LD-18, by attending our event at Meehans of Huntington, Thursday, October 22nd, at 8PM.

Members of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party will be there, with information on Grant and his campaign, and there will be a buffet. In addition, liberty items will be up for raffle to support Grant’s campaign and the SCLP.

A donation to the campaign is requested.

Grant Lally is a successful Attorney, Businessman and political leader. He is Managing Partner of Lally & Misir, LLP a New York-based international and business law firm; is CEO of News Wire Publications, the publisher of a chain of influential daily electronic newspapers, including the Homeland Security Newswire and Lally Communications, the Publisher of established Long Island weekly newspapers, including the North Shore Leader.

His Legal clients include leading firms in the transportation, real property, media education, environmental and engineering sectors, and has handled high profile election cases and appeals, complex international jurisdictional conflicts, and crisis and media management.

Lally filed Briefs before the United States Supreme Court, opposing “Obamacare.” He has worked with Heads of State, Government Ministers, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, and appears regularly on radio and television. He is also a Solicitor in the Republic of Ireland and in England and Wales.

Lally was the Republican/Conservative and Reform Party nominee, and endorsed by the Suffolk and Nassau Libertarian Parties for the United States Congress (NY-3) in 2014 in a close, nationally targeted race, winning over 46% of the vote. During the 2000 Florida Presidential Recounts, Lally was President Bush’s Floor Manager pf the critical Miami/Dade Recount.

Grant earned his B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland; his J.D. from Boston University, in Boston Massachusetts; and a LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. He also studied at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Grant lives with his wife Deborah Misir, the former US Assistant Secretary of Labor, and their newborn son, Brahm in Huntington.

Meehans of Huntington

Friends of Grant Lally

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