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What Will You Choose?

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Libertarian Party mourns slain officers in Baton Rouge

ALEXANDRIA — Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, states, “The events in Baton Rouge are heartbreaking and we all mourn with the people of Baton Rouge as they grapple with the loss of innocent lives.”

“After every tragedy, people rightfully want to find the cause and prevent future tragedies. Many will use this event to call for gun control and more laws. However, the real solution here would be fewer laws.”

Sarwark continues, “If we truly want to reduce situations in which police are pitted against the people they are sworn to protect, we would end the war on drugs. The constant escalation of prohibitionist policies have increasingly pitted police and citizens against each other for decades and are largely responsible for the militarization of police forces across America.

“Ending the violence means ending the policies that lead to black and grey markets, the highest incarceration rate in the world, and reduced economic opportunities in the formal labor market for huge swaths of Americans. Ending the violence means ending the war on drugs.

“Ending the drug war will do more to heal the divide between police and citizens than any other measure. It is the best way to save lives: both those of innocent police officers and innocent citizens.”

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America devoted to protecting all rights of all human beings all the time. As part of this mission, the Libertarian Party seeks a minimal set of just laws that defend the rights of individuals and are equally applied to all.

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No one should be above the law.

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The FBI has decided not to push for criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server for her State Department emails.

“This is a serious miscarriage of justice,” says Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “One key criteria for laws to be just is that they must be applied equally to all.” Countless other people who have served in roles handling classified information have been prosecuted, fined, and jailed for far lesser breaches of protocol and security.

Hillary Clinton’s complete mismanagement of highly sensitive information while Secretary of State, and dismissive attitude towards the situation since, shows that she is not qualified for the very serious role of President of the United States.

“What is particularly sad is that while most of us understood the egregiousness of this situation, we also knew from the beginning that Hillary Clinton was not going to be prosecuted or punished for it. Our system is allowing big corporations, big banks, big politicians to get away with things that normal Americans would never be allowed to. We bail out the banks. We bail out the corporations. We bail out the politicians. This is not justice. This is crony capitalism and crony politics,” says Sarwark.

“In essence, Hillary Clinton thinks that she should not be held to the same standards that other Americans are and our Justice system is allowing that to happen. This is elitist, tyrannical, and completely un-American. No one should be above the law.”

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America devoted to protecting all rights, of all human beings, all the time. As part of this mission, the Libertarian Party seeks a minimal set of laws, that are truly just, which defend the rights of individuals, and which are equally applied to all.



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It’s Independence Day, Rather Than July 4th

This Fourth of July, don’t think about the date. The date on the calendar was simply the date that the Declaration of Independence was (allegedly) signed. But it could have been signed on the first, the second, or even the thirtieth of June. Imagine that, the most important national holiday for These United States of America, and it would be the last day of June.

Weird, right?

Things become a bit different, however, when the holiday becomes “Independence Day”. Then, the day takes on a very different meaning.

A child understands independence, even very young children. They want to be able to explore their world, and control their place in it, even though fear of it sends them back to their parent’s protection, after a while. As they grow older, they are taught to conform, obey, and crush their independence. Peer pressure, parental pressure, school pressure “molds” them (ever heard THAT phrase?) into what society and government want them to be. Any that will not conform or follow the rigid rules are considered outsiders, many times mocked, and treated as outcasts.

But independence keeps nagging at a person. People innately want to control their own destiny and their own lives. Government, however, does its level best to turn people back into children and dis-empower them, by making them dependent. Whereas religion promotes a superior that still ultimately lets the individual choose their path, government creates a maze of rules, quotas, and chasms to jump to escape dependence.

It has been famously said that, “Government breaks your leg, and expects gratitude for giving you a crutch”. But by being independent, by limiting the government’s influence over our lives, we can be independent, and free.

Our founding fathers thought so much of independence, they risked everything they had to fight the strongest empire in the world, to gain it from the British Empire. They risked their lives, their families, their property, and the future, because they did not want faceless strangers from far away to control their lives with arbitrary rules, regulations, and requirements.

They wanted the people to decide what they wanted to be, and to have the right to be DIFFERENT. Different in manner, different in location, different in the way they lives their lives, different in the very laws they would obey. The founders WANTED minimum government, so that everyone could have their own measure of independence, even from their own government.

That is why These United States are NOT a Democracy, but a Republic. A Republic, where each part has the right to be left to do what they want, as long as they do not hurt their neighbors, or steal their possessions. A Republic means a group where each member is not just “equal”, but “separate AND sovereign”, where even a majority is not allowed to dictate to the other sovereign partners of the group.

So, this Independence Day, think about the legacy we defend, the rights we have – From our humanity, not from some government agency, or document, or law, and remain…


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